From Echoes of Angmar

The Forester Profession: Harvesting Nature's Bounty

The Forester is a rewarding gathering profession in Echoes of Angmar. Using a Forester's Axe and a workbench, you can harvest branches and hides to craft various valuable resources.

Gathering Resources

The Track Wood skill is essential for a Forester, guiding you to harvestable branches. When you find Rowan Branches you can harvest, right-click on them to collect pieces of wood.

Additionally, don't forget to keep all the hides you acquire from slain animals; you can transform Light Hides into Boiled Leather using the treat leather recipe.

After accumulating enough resources, return to the crafting area and utilize the treat rowan recipe to craft Treated Rowan wood.

Economic Value

Forestry can be highly lucrative. One way to earn a substantial amount of coin is to gather wood and hides, treat them, and then sell them to a Tailor, Woodworker, or Weaponsmith.

Magical Properties of Woods

All woods you'll work with as a Forester have unique and enchanting properties:

Rowan Wood: Densely-packed rowan wood makes excellent walking sticks, dowsing rods, magical wands for metal divining, and magician's staves. It's believed to protect against enchantments, making it ideal for crafting rune staves. It's also thought to shield against storms and supernatural hauntings.

Ash Wood: Ash wood is believed to offer protection and healing properties. Folklore tells of parents giving their newborns a spoonful of ash sap to bolster their health and strength. Some ceremonies involving ash trees have reportedly healed sick children, forever intertwining the fate of the child and the tree.

Yew Wood: In some cultures, yew wood symbolizes death and resurrection. While its needles are toxic, the flesh of its berries can be used for medicines. With its dense structure, it's ideal for crafting bows.

Lebethron Wood: Lebethron wood is a favorite among Gondorian woodcrafters, though much about it remains a mystery. This rare species can be found in higher-level zones, with the wood tracker being particularly useful in pinpointing its location.