Man Racial Deeds

From Echoes of Angmar


Trait Deed Task Level Reward
Upper-cut (Trait) Enmity of the Dead Defeat 50 wights 13 Active Skill: Upper-cut
Tactics and Might Bonus Enmity of the Dead II Defeat 100 wights 19 Passive: FM boost
Man Sword-Damage Bonus Enmity of the Dead III Defeat 150 wights 25 Passive: +2% Sword Damage
Man of the Fourth Age Enmity of the wargs Defeat 50 wargs 13 Passive: +20 Will
Return to Bree (Trait) Enmity of the wargs II Defeat 150 wargs 29 Active: Return to Bree
Duty-Bound (Trait) Enmity of the wargs III Defeat 250 wargs 35 Active: Duty-Bound
Balance of Man Enmity of the Hill-men Defeat 150 Hill-men 29 Passive: +1% Evade, Parry, Block
Strength of Morale (Trait) Enmity of the Hill-men II Defeat 250 Hill-men 35 Active: Strength of Morale