From Echoes of Angmar

The Scholar Profession: Unraveling Ancient Wisdom

In Echoes of Angmar, the Scholar is a unique crafting profession that incorporates both crafting and gathering components. Scholars primarily create items that buff a player or fellowship, or restore a player's Morale or Power quickly.

Tools and Facilities

The main tool for this profession is the Scholar's Glass. Interestingly, Scholars don't require specific crafting facilities (like workbenches or ovens) to craft items in the lower tiers. However, a superior study becomes necessary when crafting items at the highest tiers.

Crafting Lore Scrolls

The Scholar crafts in two specific groups: battle lore and crafting lore. All the necessary components to craft these lore scrolls drop from humanoid creatures, with goblins having the highest drop rate.

Gathering Scholar Resources

Scholar resources can be located in ruins scattered across Middle-earth, and a Scholar's Glass must be equipped to utilize these resources. You can find tier-appropriate Scholar components within these resources:

Apprentice Scholar components: Found in "Shattered Pitchers" in Bree-land, Ered Luin]], and Shire Journeyman Scholar components: Found in "Broken Urns" in Bree-land, Lone-lands, and North Downs Expert Scholar components: Found in "Antique Vases" in Lone-lands, North Downs Artisan Scholar components: Found in "Forgotten Texts" in Trollshaws, and western Angmar Master Scholar components: Found in "Ancient Vases" in Misty Mountains and Eastern Angmar

Crafting Experience and Advancement

Each item crafted gives you the same amount of crafting experience. The primary ingredient you'll need is Aged Scraps of Text, requiring three of these for every Apprentice-tier item.

For crafting battle lore items, you'll need an additional Worn Tablet Fragment. For crafting lore items, you'll need an Early Third Age Relic.

When you have the necessary ingredients, you can start taking orders from players in your vicinity. Your crafted items can aid them in advancing their professions more swiftly and efficiently.

The battle lore items you create can buff entire fellowships, enhancing their offence or defence. Once you've crafted a total of 25 items (either battle or crafting lore), you'll reach the end of the Apprentice tier. Completing a quest will then advance you to the next tier. As you unravel the ancient wisdom of Middle-earth, you'll become an invaluable asset to your fellow adventurers.