Challenge Explorer

From Echoes of Angmar


To complete the Explorer challenge, you need to complete the following deeds. There are no level requirement for this challenge.

• Complete: The Sights of the Shire
• Complete: The Farms of the Shire
• Complete: Places of the Dwarves
• Complete: Elf-ruins Exploration
• Complete: Rath Teraig Exploration
• Complete: Scouting the Dourhands
• Complete: The Old Forest
• Complete: The Ruins of Breeland
• Complete: The Barrow-downs
• Complete: Weathertop Exploration
• Complete: Defences of the Lone-lands
• Complete: The Western Ruins
• Complete: The Grimfens
• Complete: The Eastern Ruins
• Complete: Strongholds Exploration
• Complete: The Villages of the Earth-kin
• Complete: Garth Agarwen Exploration
• Complete: The Road to Rivendell
• Complete: Ruins of the Trollshaws
• Complete: The High Passes
• Complete: Ruins of the Misty Mountains
• Complete: Where Giants Dwell
• Complete: The Road to War
• Complete: Bastions of Hope


• Item, Wayfarer's Cloak
• Title, "The Explorer"